Hydrating Hemp Face Cream for Dry Skin with Lavender and Coconut


Dive into the soothing embrace of our Hydrating Hemp Face Cream, where the magic of hemp meets the calming essence of lavender and the deep nourishment of coconut. Perfect for quenching dry skin’s thirst, this luxurious cream leaves your face feeling irresistibly soft and glowing. With every application, bask in the delicate aromas that transform your skincare routine into a mini spa retreat. Ideal for anyone craving that extra touch of hydration and natural care, our eco-friendly formula is your skin’s new best friend. Say hello to beautifully moisturized skin and goodbye to dryness with our nature-inspired face cream. Your radiant complexion awaits!

Product Details:

  • 50g reusable glass jar
  • Lavender and coconut essence
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties
  • Reduces puffiness and redness
  • Free from harmful preservatives
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Using a hydrating face cream is a simple and enjoyable process. Follow these steps to make the most out of your skincare routine:

Start with a clean face: Gently cleanse your face with a mild cleanser suited for your skin type. Pat dry with a clean towel.

Dispense an appropriate amount: Squeeze a pea-sized amount of the hydrating face cream onto your fingertips. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Apply to your face: Using upward and outward motions, gently massage the cream onto your face and neck. Be sure to cover your entire face, including the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Avoid the delicate eye area.

Focus on problem areas: If you have specific areas of concern, such as dry patches or fine lines, spend a little extra time massaging the cream into those areas for added hydration and nourishment.

Allow absorption: Give the face cream a few minutes to fully absorb into your skin. During this time, you can continue with the rest of your skincare routine or move on to applying makeup if desired.

Use day and night: For optimal results, use the hydrating face cream both in the morning and evening as part of your skincare regimen. This will ensure that your skin stays hydrated and nourished throughout the day and night.

Remember, everyone’s skin is unique, so adjust the amount and frequency of application according to your skin’s needs. Enjoy the pampering sensation and revel in the benefits of your hydrating face cream for healthy, glowing skin.

For external use only | Do not consume.

Introducing our revolutionary Hydrating Hemp Face Cream for Dry Skin with Lavender and Coconut! Experience the ultimate skincare rejuvenation with this cutting-edge product. Crafted with meticulous care, our face cream combines the power of hemp extract with natural ingredients, including lavender and coconut oil, and eco-friendly preservatives, providing you with a natural and sustainable solution for hydrated, radiant skin.

The Power of Hemp

Enriched with the nourishing benefits of hemp extract, this face cream deeply moisturizes, revitalizes, and restores your skin’s natural glow. The hemp extract, sourced from premium quality hemp plants, is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids that help combat free radicals, reducing the signs of aging and promoting a youthful complexion. Lavender and coconut oil further enhance the cream’s hydrating and soothing properties, making it ideal for dry skin.

Safe for Your Skin

In our commitment to sustainability, we have formulated this face cream with eco-friendly preservatives. These preservatives not only ensure the longevity and effectiveness of the product but also prioritize the health of your skin and the environment. You can indulge in the luxurious texture of our face cream, knowing that it is free from harsh chemicals and harmful additives, and enriched with the calming scent of lavender and the deep moisture of coconut oil.

Perfect for All Skin Types

The lightweight and fast-absorbing formula of our face cream makes it suitable for all skin types, especially those with dry skin. Whether you have dry, oily, or combination skin, this hydrating cream, featuring lavender and coconut, will provide the perfect balance of moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple, and revitalized.

To use, simply apply a small amount of the Hydrating Hemp Face Cream for Dry Skin with Lavender and Coconut to cleansed skin, gently massaging it in upward motions. Allow the cream to fully absorb, and enjoy the instant burst of hydration and the soothing sensation it provides.

Transform your skincare routine with our Hemp-Infused Hydrating Face Cream. Unlock the power of hemp extract, lavender, and coconut and experience the wonders of eco-friendly preservation. Reveal your most radiant, youthful-looking skin and indulge in the luxury of nature’s best. Elevate your skincare journey with our exceptional product today!

Leading Ingredients

Hemp Extract: a premium natural ingredient that provides soothing and healing benefits for the face. It helps reduce redness and inflammation from skin conditions like breakouts, acne, eczema, psoriasis. hemp skincare products can also be used as topical creams for pain relief and arthritis.

Organic Shea Butter: Rich, moisturizing butter from the nut of West African Shea tree that boosts collagen production and cell regeneration. 

Prickly Pear Butter: Prickly Pear is a highly sort after and super-plant from the cactus family. It is ideal for acne-prone, dry, sensitive, or inflamed skin due to its soothing properties. It is perfect for all skin types. 

Pomegranate Butter: Perfect for dry and maturing skin because of its extremely hydrating properties.

Organic Evening Primrose Oil: Enhances the elasticity of the skin and reduces dryness and wrinkles thus giving the face a boosted lift and texture. 

Organic Argan Oil: Widely known for its antibacterial and fungicidal properties that provide various benefits to the skin including protecting the skin against free radical damage caused by the sun.

Organic Jojoba Oil: This gentle oil is light and perfectly penetrates the skin to prevent clogged pores or greasy skin.

Vitamin C: A leading antioxidant that protects the skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure. Brightens the skin and eliminates dark spots.

Rosemary Antioxidant: An antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and tonic activities that tighten loose or sagging skin and reduce the sign of wrinkles on the face.


Complete List of Ingredients 

Distilled Water, Organic Shea butter, Prickly Pear butter, Pomegranate Butter, Organic Evening Primrose Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Hemp seed oil, Vitamin C, Organic Marula Oil, Organic Essential Oil Lavender & Coconut Extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Natural Emulsifier Wax, Preservative ECOCERT standards, Rosemary Antioxidant, Xanthan Gum. Certified Organic Vegetable Derived

Made in Canada.

Serving Size: 1500mg Concentration of hemp extract per 50g glass jar

Q: What is the Hydrating Hemp Face Cream with Lavender and Coconut?
A: Our Hydrating Hemp Face Cream is a luxurious skincare product designed to deeply moisturize and soothe dry skin. Infused with hemp extract, lavender, and coconut oil, it combines the best of nature to nourish your skin, leaving it soft, radiant, and healthy.

Q: How should I use this face cream?
A: For optimal results, apply the cream to clean, dry skin after cleansing. Gently massage a small amount onto your face and neck using upward strokes until fully absorbed. It’s perfect for both morning and night use as part of your daily skincare routine.

Q: What is full-spectrum CBD?
A: Full-spectrum CBD is derived from the hemp plant and includes all the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds found in the plant, including trace amounts of THC (below 0.3%). This type of CBD is believed to offer enhanced therapeutic benefits due to the entourage effect, where the combined action of the plant’s compounds work together more effectively than alone.

Q: What is CBG?
A: CBG, or cannabigerol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, like CBD. It’s often referred to as the “mother of all cannabinoids” because other cannabinoids are derived from its acidic form. CBG is known for its potential anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and neuroprotectant properties, making it a valuable ingredient in skincare and wellness products.

Q: Is this face cream suitable for all skin types?
A: Yes, our Hydrating Hemp Face Cream with Lavender and Coconut is formulated to be gentle and effective for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The natural ingredients work together to balance moisture levels without causing irritation.

Q: Can this face cream help with acne or other skin conditions?
A: While our face cream is designed to hydrate and soothe the skin, it’s not specifically formulated to treat acne or other skin conditions. However, the anti-inflammatory properties of hemp extract and CBG may help reduce redness and calm irritated skin. Always consult with a dermatologist for specific skin concerns.

Q: Where can I purchase this product?
A: Our Hydrating Hemp Face Cream with Lavender and Coconut is available for purchase on our website and at select retailers. Visit our online store to shop and explore our full range of natural skincare products.

Q: Is this product vegan and cruelty-free?
A: Absolutely! We are committed to ethical and sustainable practices, ensuring that our Hydrating Hemp Face Cream is both vegan and cruelty-free. We believe in the power of natural ingredients to provide effective skincare without harm to animals or the environment.

Discover Deep Hydration and Soothing Comfort with Our Signature Hemp Face Cream

Elevate your daily skincare routine with the Hydrating Hemp Face Cream for Dry Skin with Lavender and Coconut, meticulously designed to quench thirsty skin and restore a luminous, healthy glow. Infused with the goodness of hemp, lavender, and coconut, our face cream is a symphony of natural ingredients that work in harmony to deeply moisturize and soothe your skin.

Unlock the Secret to Soft, Supple Skin

Dive into the luxurious, rich texture of our face cream and experience immediate relief from dryness and tightness. The potent combination of hemp extract, known for its hydrating and anti-aging properties, together with the calming essence of lavender and the nourishing touch of coconut oil, makes this cream a powerhouse of skin benefits. Perfect for those battling dry, sensitive skin, our formula is designed to provide long-lasting hydration, leaving your skin feeling soft, supple, and rejuvenated.

Naturally Beautiful, Radiantly Healthy

Embrace the natural beauty of your skin with our eco-friendly and sustainably sourced ingredients. Our commitment to clean beauty ensures that every application not only nourishes your skin but also supports the health of our planet. The Hydrating Hemp Face Cream is free from harsh chemicals, embracing the purity of botanical extracts to enhance your skin’s natural barrier and protect against environmental stressors.

Soothing Aromatherapy for Your Skin

Indulge in the subtle, therapeutic fragrance of lavender as it envelops your senses, providing a calming aromatherapy experience with each use. The sweet, tropical scent of coconut adds a layer of luxury, transforming your skincare routine into a spa-like ritual. Together, these natural scents offer not just skin benefits but also a moment of relaxation and peace in your busy day.

Your Go-To Solution for Dry Skin

Say goodbye to dry, flaky skin and hello to a radiant, glowing complexion with our Hydrating Hemp Face Cream for Dry Skin with Lavender and Coconut. Ideal for use both morning and night, this cream fits seamlessly into any skincare regimen, promising to deliver hydration, nourishment, and a soothing sensory experience. Join the many who have made the switch to natural, hemp-based skincare and witness the transformative effects on your skin.

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