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Our affiliate program is a fantastic opportunity to boost your income and expand your online presence. With competitive commissions, a diverse range of products, and excellent support, you can monetize your network successfully.

How does it work?

Step 1

Register to get custom links that can be shared on social platforms and webpages.

Step 2

Track your progress through the Duo Senses affiliate program dashboard.

Step 3

Collect 10% commission on all purchases made through your affiliate links. Simple enough?

The perks of being an affiliate

  • You will have access to a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to create customized affiliate links to share on all platforms. You will also receive a 15% off coupon code for your first-time purchasers.
  • 90-day Cookie Tracking
  • Your dashboard has a creative section where you will find all the graphics necessary to promote your affiliate links. 
  • Our website is full of education that will help to sell the product and if you are missing information, we are always available to help through email.
  • Free samples to test out and promote to your audience.


An affiliate program is a partnership between a company and individuals who promote its products or services in exchange for commissions.

The Duo Senses affiliate program offers 10% commission on the sales generated through links and discount codes given by Duo Senses to the affiliate. The commission is tracked by Duo Senses and after 30 days, the commission is paid out to the affiliate.

Simply visit our affiliate program page to register to become an affiliate. You must reside in Canada and be over the age of 19 to become an affiliate. Once you have registered to become an affiliate, the account will be reviewed, and you will receive approval from our customer service support team.

It normally takes 24-48 hours to be approved for our affiliate program. Upon approval, you will have access to your personal dashboard where you will find creatives and track commission.

You are free to use any images or educational materials found on our website to promote the products on your social platforms. You are also free to create banners on your personal websites with the links given. If you would like to request for any imagery or have a question about the education, please email for more information.

After 30 days, the affiliate program is reviewed, and our support team initiates payment to the affiliates who have a pending pay-out. The pay-out is completed through an e-transfer to the email found on file. We will send you an email about the payout being completed as well as the instructions for retrieving your e-transfer.

Yes, we are happy to supply you with samples or promotional material to help educate your audience. Email your request to and someone will get back to you in 24-48 hours.

Yes, you can be both a wholesaler and an affiliate at the same time. 

You have 30 days to return any unopened product for a full refund. Email with your return and someone will reply in 24-48 hours.

We use Canada Post’s expedited shipping. Shipping times range from 2-5 business days across Canada.

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