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Pets can use CBD too!

Just as humans, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system and this means that they too can benefit from cannabinoid therapy. Duo Senses pet products are infused with hemp-derived CBD isolate. As learned before on our New to CBD page, only the cannabinoid, CBD, is found in a isolated product – no THC. 

Ways CBD can benefit your pets:

  • Helps to reduce anxiety associated with loud noises, social settings, or separation anxiousness. 
  • Gives pain relief by reducing inflammation in joints and muscles for better mobility 
  • Improves overall lifestyle by providing immune support, promoting calmness and balance

How much CBD should I give my pet?

‘How much CBD should I take?’ Is a common question not only for humans but for pets also! There is no cookie-cutter standard way of dosing when it comes to CBD because pets are all different too. To better understand your pet’s dosing, a simple rule to start with is 1.0 ml of CBD per 1 kg of weight of pet.  

See below for a dosing example: 

Factors that effect Pet CBD Absorption

 Pets come in all shapes and sizes

Here are some factors to take in consideration when learning about what dose is right for your pet: 

Concentration – There are two different concentrations, regular (Emma’s Choice) and double strength (Otto’s Choice). For our smaller breeds like Yorkshire Terriers or French Bulldogs, we recommend starting with Emma’s Choice. For larger breeds, such as Golden Retrievers or Huskies, we recommend Otto’s Choice. Stick to one concentration for a two week time-span and monitor your pet’s behavior. Be consistent with dosing and if there is no difference in behavior in those two weeks, try to increase dose by 0.25 ml and continue to journal the experience to find the right dose.  

Administration – to get the most out of your pet’s dose of CBD, if you have a well-behaved pet that will allow you to, place CBD oil directly in mouth, on the gum-line or rub on inside of cheek.For the fussy fur babies, simply have them lick off a spoon or give with their favourite treat. 

Other Medications – CBD could affect the way other supplements or prescription medication works in your pet’s body. For example, CBD is known to act as a natural blood thinner so you may want to start with a smaller dose of CBD and gradually increase as you track the results. We highly recommend that you consult your Veterinarian before trying any new supplements with your pet’s current medications.

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