Clinical Studies that support CBD benefits for Pet Health

With CBD becoming a popular supplement in the holistic world, it is always improve to review supporting evidence that shows the true positive benefits of the cannabinoid. 

Check out the studies below to see how CBD can benefit your pet’s health: 

CBD and Arthritis  

Frontiers in Veterinary Science in July 2018, looked at the effects of hemp-based CBD on dogs with arthritis. Dogs received one of two treatments every 12 hours in the study: either 2mg of CBD per kilogram of body weight, or placebo oil. Each treatment lasted four weeks with a further ‘washout’ period of two weeks.  

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CBD and Overall Wellness 

A study that was published in Pain in September 2020 was a four-week study on 20 large dogs with OA. The canines received either a placebo or one of three CBD formulations. The discovered that canines that used liposomal CBD  or a high dose of the cannabinoid benefited from significant improvements in quality of life and mobility. 

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CBD and Seizures 

Research from Colorado State University in 2018 focused on learning more about CBD oil as treatment for epilepsy in dogs. The study ran for 24 weeks and the outcome showed that 89% of the dogs studied showed a drop in regular seizures. 

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CBD Safety and Bioavailability 

In 2016, Colorado State University completed work on the study of bioavailability and absorption of CBD in healthy dogs. The study showed that CBD usage in dogs is safe enough to do studies in a clinical setting. The results also showed that CBD given orally in an oil tincture was most absorbed and bioavailable to the body. This is why it is recommended to give your pet an oil instead of a CBD treat. 

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