All You Need to Know About CBD Roll-Ons — Facts, Benefits, Types

CBD roll-ons are a common type of CBD-infused product that can be applied directly on the skin to target pain areas, aches, and muscle soreness. In this article, we are going to break down the various uses of the CBD roll-on, their many benefits, and the various types out there.

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What are CBD Roll-Ons?

CBD roll-ons are a common type of CBD-infused topical product that can be applied directly on the skin to target pain areas, aches, and muscle soreness. In this article, we are going to break down the various uses of the CBD roll-on, their many benefits, and the various types out there. 

As new CBD products continue to flood the market every day, it is important to understand what to look out for and what to expect when buying CBD roll-ons as well as the ways they can be used. If you are a first-time user or you are looking for more information on CBD roll-ons before you make a purchase, this article will equip you with a good amount of information.

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What is CBD?

CBD which is also known as Cannabidiol is a naturally occurring ingredient found in the cannabis plant. CBD can be in different forms mainly as an extract or oil which can be combined with other natural ingredients to create CBD-based/infused products and topicals that provide a myriad of benefits. 

CBD extract is the premium natural ingredient that provides soothing and healing benefits for skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. It also reduces inflammation on the skin and can be used as a topical cream for pain relief and arthritis. ​​ In 2018, a  mini-review was conducted by researchers in Finland. The findings from the research showed that CBD may even help reduce migraines through its interactions with the brain’s receptors. It was published in the Frontiers in Pharmacology journal. 

Types of CBD

CBD Roll-Ons Facts

With the rising popularity of CBD-infused products like CBD roll-ons, it is important to separate scientifically proven facts about CBD roll-ons from any bogus claims. Note the following facts:

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

You might have noticed or seen that some CBD roll-ons are full-spectrum while others are broad spectrum. Full Spectrum CBD products typically contain up to 0.3% of THC which is the industry standard for how much THC is allowed in CBD products. Full-spectrum CBD roll-on is said to be more effective as it contains all the compounds and cannabinoids  from the hemp plant such as terpenes, essential vitamins, and minerals

What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

Broad-spectrum CBD does not contain any THC at all. In theory. Some products can contain very small, trace amounts of THC but it’s virtually undetectable. So if your CBD roll-on is broad-spectrum you understand what that means. 

What is THC?

THC is the primary cannabinoid found in marijuana plants and it’s what makes cannabis users feel high because of its psychoactive properties. 

What Other Names are CBD Roll-Ons Called?

CBD roll-ons can be referred to in a number of different ways. Some other names for CBD roll-ons are CBD Rollers, CBD Freeze roll-ons, CBD roll-on sticks.

Third-Party Testing

Make sure that the company that produces the CBD roll-on you are about to purchase used third-party testing and that the information is available on their site. When a company has its lap report published it shows that they are focused on producing high-quality CBD products.

The Dosage

Any CBD roll-on product you purchase should show the exact amount of CBD in each product. It is important to study this and make sure you understand the dosage and quantity of CBD in the product you are taking. Basically, you should ensure you know exactly how much CBD you get with each CBD roll-on product.

The Effectiveness

Have realistic expectations when using CBD roll-ons. There are several studies that show that CBD products are effective for pain and tension relief. However, manage your expectations and don’t expect it to be a miracle speedy cure. 

What are the Uses and Benefits of CBD Roll-On?

CBD Roll-On for Pain Relief

CBD roll-ons have been shown to aid in pain relief.  Scientists shave discovered that CBD has targeted pain-relieving effects. Since the neurotransmitters that bind with CBD in the body are also responsible for regulating several functions in the body including pain sensation, sleep, and immune system response. CBD has also been shown to have relieving effects for arthritis pain, muscle spasms, and nerve and back pain. And studies have found that a combination of CBD and THC is effective in treating pain related to multiple sclerosis (MS) and arthritis.

Thus CBD roll-on when applied to targeted problem areas like the temple for headaches, the knees, shoulders, the back, writs, etc can help relieve pain and tension in these areas.

CBD Roll-On for Anxiety

CBD roll-on can provide relief for anxiety and feelings of tension. CBD roll-on made specifically for anxiety relief is usually made with other calming essential oils like lavender essential oil and roman chamomile essential oil which amplify the aromatherapeutic effects for a relaxing feeling and a worry-free outlook. Some studies have also shown that CBD could have antipsychotic effects. This means it can help with schizophrenia and other mental health conditions by reducing symptoms of psychosis. CBD which is the main ingredient in CBD roll-ons may also provide neurological benefits. 

CBD Roll-On for Athletes

Given the role CBD plays in pain relief and relieving muscle soreness and reducing inflammation, CBD roll-on is a great product for athletes. Multiple studies have been done to research the effect of CBD on inflammation and inflammatory diseases like arthritis. Studies show that CBD may help relieve chronic pain and help in reducing inflammation. CBD roll-on when used on the problem pain area can indirectly activate endocannabinoid receptors which then control pain and inflammation. Based on the growing body of evidence on the effectiveness of CBD for athletes,  the World Anti-Doping Agency or WADA approved the use of CBD for athletes.

CBD Roll-On for Eczema

CBD is great for skincare and for treating skin conditions and CBD roll-ons have been hailed as a noninvasive alternative for improving inflammatory skin conditions like eczema. CBD roll-on when used on the skin can provide soothing and healing effects which help to calm the symptoms of eczema like itchiness, inflammation, and redness. CBD roll-on contains anti-inflammatory properties that protect against free-radical damage to the skin and can improve overall skin health. In a 2020 study that was done, 50% of participants who had eczema reported an improvement in symptoms after using CBD creams. They reported a 60 improvement in their symptoms. CBD roll-ons can be used as an over-the-counter treatment for eczema. You don’t need a prescription to use it on your eczema however, talk to your doctor if you have doubts and need more guidance. 

CBD Roll-On for Pressure and Tension Relief

CBD roll-ons can help provide relief to tension areas of the body —the tension that is caused by a sprain, muscle spasm, etc. A full-spectrum CBD roll-on can provide relief and a calming effect to tension areas when applied. CBD roll-ons for tension relief are usually also made with essential oils which amplify the aromatherapy benefits.

How to Use CBD Roll-Ons

Using a CBD roll-on is pretty straightforward. simply apply the roll-on to the affected area in a circular motion. However for effectiveness and safety, follow these rules listed below:

Clean the Area First

CBD roll-on is a topical applied directly on the skin. Before you do this, make sure you clean the area of the skin you intend to apply the product on. Wipe off any dust or dirt and rinse the area with water if possible. Then pat dry before applying the CBD roll-on.

Do a Patch Test

CBD is a natural ingredient that is gentle on the skin. However, you never know how you could react to it if you are a first-time user or if you have sensitive skin. Before you use it, do a patch test in a small area of your skin and watch for any adverse reactions.

Use the Right Amount

Apply CBD roll-on sufficiently to your problem areas. Make sure you don’t exceed any dosage recommendations. Start small and apply more as needed. You have to apply a sufficient amount to see results so keep that in mind too.

Apply to the Correct Area

This CBD topical works when it is applied to the problem area. Apply to the skin of the area on your body that is hurt, inflamed, sprained, or aches like the knee, neck, back, shoulders, temples, etc

Avoid the Eyes and Face

Do not get CBD roll-on in your eyes and do not apply it on your face or in open wounds or cuts. If you need CBD for your face, there are CBD face creams that are made specifically for use on the face.

Other Ingredients in CBD Roll-Ons

As we mentioned earlier, CBD roll-ons usually also contain other ingredients that complement the CBD and serve to amplify its effects. Some of the ingredients used are Vitamin E oil and other essential oils like lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, cajeput essential oil, white camphor essential oil, and more. 

Types of CBD Roll-Ons

CBD Freeze Roll-on

CBD freeze roll-ons have an extra ingredient called menthol which has an added cooling effect on the skin. This increases the soothing power of the CBD roll-on.

CBD + CBG Roll-on

The main difference between a CBD roll-on vs a CBG roll-on is that CBG roll-on has CBG as their main ingredient as opposed to just CBD. However, most roll-ons that contain CBG also contain CBD. CBG is a cannabinoid that has non-psychoactive effects which means it does not cause changes in perception or behaviour. Consuming or using CBG will not make you high. CBG is known for its anti-inflammatory effects which makes it a great ingredient for skincare products. 

The DUO Senses CBD Roll-Ons

There are 3 main types of CBD roll-ons that are made to target specific needs. The Duo sense CBD roll-ons are made to target a specific need — pain, anxiety, and tension.

Duo Senses Full Spectrum CBD Roll-on for Pain Relief

Duo Senses CBD Roll-On for Pain Relief: This CBD roll-on is a premium full-spectrum CBD infuser roll-on that helps to relieve pain, muscle cramps, and headaches. Made with premium CBD as its primary ingredient, this CBD roll-on stick is also blended with essential oils like the eucalyptus essential oil, cajeput essential oil, white camphor essential oil, that target pain areas in the body and provide tension relief. 

Full Spectrum Calming CBD Roll-on for Anxiety Relief

The Duo Senses CBD roll-on for Tension Relief: This CBD roll-on is made to provide relief to tension areas in the body. It is a full-spectrum CBD roller that produces a calming and relaxing effect after it is applied to any problem areas that cause tension. This is a 250mg CBD roll-on that is also infused with essential oils like vitamin E oil and lavender essential oil which are known to provide aromatherapy benefits. 

Full Spectrum Calming CBD Roll-on for Anxiety Relief

Duo Senses CBD Roll-On for Anxiety: This CBD roll-on is a premium full-spectrum CBD-infused roll-on that provides relief to pressure points and areas of tension in the body for a calming effect. Made with premium CBD as its primary ingredient, it’s also infused with natural and organic oils like lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil, and roman chamomile essential oil.


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