CBD Pet Guide

What is CBD Isolate?  

CBD Isolate only contains CBD and isn’t coworking with other types of cannabinoids. CBD Isolate is an option for those who intend to avoid even the most trace amounts of THC. CBD Isolate is a good choice to determine if you only want to try CBD without other compounds increasing or affecting the desired result. 

Why CBD for your pets? 

Just as humans, all mammals have an endocannabinoid system and this means that they too can benefit from cannabinoid therapy. Why CBD for your Pets? Working with a CBD isolate allows for a piece of mind when dosing your pets, knowing that it is strictly CBD for that targeted concern and is nonintoxicating so your pet will not be left feeling ‘high’ 

Ways CBD can benefit your pets: 

  • Helps to reduce anxiety associated with loud noises, social settings, or separation anxiousness. 
  • Gives pain relief by reducing inflammation in joints and muscles for better mobility 
  • Improves overall lifestyle by providing immune support, promoting calmness and balance 

Factors to consider when dosing your pets: 

  • Pets come in all shapes and sizes so they absorbed CBD differently. Start low in dose and work your way up. Journal your pet’s behaviour to find the right dose. 
  • CBD is fat-soluble, so try adding the oils or with a wholesome treat, like peanut butter, for faster absorption.  
  • CBD is something that needs to be taken regularly to see results. Use consistently and daily to feel optimal effects. 

How much CBD should I give my pet? 

‘How much CBD should I take?’ Is a common question not only for humans but for pets also! There is no cookie-cutter standard way of dosing when it comes to CBD because pets are all different too. To better understand your pet’s dosing, a simple rule to start with is 1.0 ml of CBD per 1 kg of weight of pet.   


To get the most out of your pet’s dose of CBD, if you have a well-behaved pet that will allow you to, place CBD oil directly in mouth, on the gum-line or rub on inside of cheek. For the fussy fur babies, simply have them lick off a spoon or give with their favourite treat. 

Dosing Chart 

Below you will find a chart of recommended dosing for your pet based on their weight. Each dose is for daily consumption. You can choose to give the recommended dose in a single sitting or split in half and give twice daily. It is up to your pet and what you identify works best for them.   

Emma’s Dosing 

For Small to Medium-sized Pets:  

2kg – 4kg  Dose: 6.25mg 

5kg – 7kg  Dose: 12.5mg 

8kg – 10kg Dose: 25mg 

Ottos Dosing: 

For Medium to Large-sized Pets:  

11kg – 13kg Dose: 12.5mg 

14kg – 16kg Dose: 25mg 

17kg +       Dose: 50mg  

How much is too much? 

It is impossible to lethally overdose from CBD and if you have given your pet too much CBD, the results may be an upset stomach, diarrhea, relaxed and lethargic. 

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