Benefits of CBD

Whether you decide to choose between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, or Isolate, you’ll be receiving all the benefits of CBD in each, and there are a lot! CBD is used as both a pain reliever and an alternative treatment to certain mental health issues. Suffice to say, CBD has a lot going for it and is a popular natural remedy for numerous problems. Interested in some of the things it can do? Here are five positive health properties that CBD has to offer:  

Helps to Reduce Inflammation 

Multiple studies have been done to research the effect of CBD on inflammation and inflammatory diseases. One study found positive results in animals with osteoarthritis and found the CBD reduced inflammation significantly. Researchers say the effect can be duplicated on humans, as well, and play a key role in relieving both acute and chronic inflammation.  This works because CBD attacks cytokines, the proteins that play a key role in inducing inflammation; stopping them also stops inflammation from occurring, providing immediate relief.  

Aides in Pain Management   

In a study done in 2018, six out of seven participants saw relief in their chronic pain with the use of CBD, and this isn’t the only study to suggest CBD’s pain-relieving properties. Not only does it relieve chronic pain, which is notoriously the most difficult pain to treat, it’s also been known to reduce joint swelling.  

Proven to Stop Seizures 

CBD is a medically and FDA-approved treatment for epilepsy, and there have been multiple studies on its effectiveness in reducing the amount and frequency of seizures. It’s most known for its positive effects on rare forms of epilepsy, including ones that don’t respond well to common medicines or treatments. Currently, it’s only approved to treat three epileptic conditions: Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, Dravet syndrome, and tuberous sclerosis complex but studies for other types of epilepsy have seen positive results so far. 

Reduces Anxiety 

Cannabis has been used to treat anxiety for decades, even before the natural remedy boom. CBD contains less THC than other cannabinoids from the plant, which means it’s more effective at reducing anxiety than, say, marijuana without being addicting or causing similar side effects to psychoactive cannabinoids. Research proves that CBD has positive effects on people experiencing disorder-related amounts of anxiety. It’s predicted its effectiveness has to do with how it reacts with serotonin, the so-called “happy chemical” that’s key in treating both anxiety and depressive disorders, though it’s unsure how. Regardless, in 2015, a journal on neurotherapeutics reviewed 49 studies that researched CBD’s effectiveness in multiple mood disorders and found the evidence overwhelmingly positive.  

Assists with Recovery from Brain Injuries 

It’s commonly thought that the reason CBD works well as a treatment for brain injuries has to do with its success in reducing inflammation. Inflammation is a massive problem in worsening brain injuries as it causes cell death and spreads damage at a faster rate. It’s said that not only can CBD reduce brain damage, but it can also act as a neuroprotective. This means it can prevent brain damage before it begins, repair cells that are already damaged, and recover any lost functions in the patient, resulting in a vast improvement in their quality of life.  

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